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          1. 企業簡介
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            Beijing Osees Technology Co., Limited

            Beijing Osees is an agency of professional environmental and marine equipments. Our products are mainly used in the field of Ecology, Environment and Oceanography, etc. At present, our company has formed a partnership with a number of internationally renowned instrument manufacturers, and is responsible for business, technical support and providing the service for the customers in China.

            Our team is composed of a great many of professionals which with relevant technical backgrounds and extensive market experiences, many of them are Master's or above in related field, they all had systematic training in several aspects: Equipment operation and applications, can answer the questions of client in time and provide the most professional service.  

            Our clients are mainly in colleges, research institutions and state monitoring organizations. We make regular contact with our clients since the foundation of the company, pay attention to collect feedbacks, and actively carry out technological communications. Therefore, we have received common recognition and appreciation from our customers

            Together with top-tier international manufactures, Beijing Osees will provide clients the best products and services, and make contributions to the development of China&rsquo;s environmental and scientific research with our clients.